Montana Native American Reservation Healthcare

For the last two years we’ve been working with the Blackfeet Tribe in northwestern Montana on several projects. For years, Indian Health Services (IHS) has had a facility in Browning, MT (on the reservation) that has failed to meet the needs of tribal members. The type 2 diabetes problem on the reservation is severe. In the spring of 2016, the Blackfeet made the decision to establish a tribally owned, tribally run healthcare system for their tribal members. Medical Teams International (MTI), agreed to help Hopscotch Foundation with necessary medical equipment and supplies with this new effort.

In 2018 alone, MTI and Hopscotch have provided about 80,000 lbs. of medical equipment and supplies, including over the counter products, a significant portion of which has gone to the Blackfeet. They have been able to establish four medical clinics, including a central location in Browning. Starting with zero at in the spring of 2016, they now have over 6,000 registered patients, approximately 2/3rd’s of the tribal members living on the reservation.

Hopscotch, with MTI’s help, has begun to address the needs of other poor, remote tribal reservations in Montana. Like the Blackfeet, the other reservations have a severe type 2 diabetes problem. To help remedy this, Hopscotch has supplied both medical needs and other equipment to those tribes in need.